Friday, September 21, 2012

Champ's Update

Hi everybody, it’s me again, Champ. You might remember me from previous posts here, here, here, and here. I finally found my forever home after a long time in foster care. As my mom likes to say when I put on my grumpy face, “I’m stuck with them.” Which I guess is a good thing since these humans are so easy to train. Mom is a sucker for my pouty face when I want to go on walks. All I have to do is sit by the door after dinner and she knows it’s time to get the leash. Dad is trained to feed me treats when I baroo. It’s almost too easy. Sometimes he gives me some of his human food too, and sometimes I just steal it off of his plate. But really, if he didn’t want me to have some, why was his plate on his lap where I can get it? In addition to mom and dad, I have two new siblings too. They aren’t basenjis like me, and they’re bigger dogs so they can put me in my place. But, I think my sister, Holly, is starting to let me overtake her in the pack. Check out this photo of us:
She was in the bed first, and then I crawled in with her. Now if I were in the bed first...well, mom wouldn’t have been able to take this picture of us snuggling because I wouldn’t have shared. I’d also like to convince my brother, Fozzie, that I’m lead dog in the pack. He’s not really accepting that, but he does let me lick his paws and ears. Here’s a photo of us in one of our many manicure/pedicure sessions.
And sometimes I’ll just pin him down to get his ears:
I’ve been with my new family for about a year and a half now. I used to growl at my siblings at night when I first got here because I was afraid they’d interrupt my mommy & me cuddle time. After lots of reassuring, mom convinced me that I don’t need to growl. I really like our cuddle sessions.
We just moved to a new house with a bigger yard, so we’re still adjusting to that change. Mom keeps telling me I have another big change coming this weekend and I should get prepared. I wonder what she’s talking about?? What does “blast from your past” mean? Hopefully I’ll be back later to talk about that! -- Champ

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