Sunday, January 16, 2011

Champ's New Mission

Hello Everyone! It’s me, Champ. Yes, I am still here.

God’s next plan for me… to help Kaki and Dublin get adopted. More like help Kaki fall in love with me and we be adopted together.

Kaki is one cute gal. All the noises she makes at me are soo cute. Mom say to watch my manners or Kaki is going to kick my butt. I’m telling you, she’s just playing hard to get. I’ve even been so good that my foster mom has been complementing me on my good behavior. Now why would I do anything to make me look bad in front of Kaki?

Kaki’s buddy, Dublin, needs to find some manners. He keeps hogging the best sofa spots next to my Kaki. Plus, that boy can sure stink up a room. My foster mom says that he sure reminds her of someone. Surely, you don’t think she is referring to me.

I may not be top dog; but, I’m the top foster. I get choice bedtime spots in the foster mom’s bed. Plus, I get fed before them. I even get to eat next to Kaki. Wahoo!

Plus, I’m more handsome than Dublin. Now, if I can only convince Kaki of that. I offered her my stuffed bunny, but she doesn’t like stuffed toys. Dublin went and peed on my bunny. He doesn’t want me near his girlfriend. So, I went and peed on his blanket when he was outside. Thank god my foster mom was doing wash that day. Otherwise, we both would be in the doghouse, so to speak.

Here are my next questions to the big guy up above…..Will Kaki, Dublin, and I ever be adopted? Will Kaki ever like me? Can my bunny be saved from the evil forces of Dublin?

One thing is for sure, that Dublin has to go. No one messes with my bunny.

-Elizabeth Schmidt

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  1. I love love love this story. Praying for just the right family and wish it were mine but not now....still taking care of 3 elderly guys...blessings to you and definitely to your MOm