Monday, April 23, 2018

The End of the Story: Ginny & Tristan

I had posted a happy ending story on Ginny and Tristan back on December 3, 2010. Unfortunately I must report the real ending to Ginny and Tristan's true "notebook" storybook life together.

They did live a wonderful full life together. They were rescued from a puppy mill in Louisiana when they were around 4 1/2 years old as a mated pair and could not be separated. Ginny had recently had a litter of pups taken from her.  They were fostered in Baton Rouge, LA in a very loving home. A few months later adopted together in Maryland but that was not a good fit for Ginny. Another wonderful foster held them in Delaware until we picked them up to take them to Philadelphia, PA. It was only to be a foster situation but we fell in love immediately with this special pair. 

Ginny had emotional scars and trust issues and Tristan was very jumpy and underweight. Ginny was a little escape artist with such a funny little personality. She was the boss out of the two. Tristan was always a big sweet tempered puppy. 

Over the last couple of years, Tristan developed dementia and seizures, but he hung in there the best he could.  It was truly quite sad. When he got really ill, it seems Ginny just knew.  She went into kidney failure. They passed away together side by side around two months ago.  

~ Joyce Kennedy

Ginny and Tristan

Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Happy Spring

Man the lifeboats. We are having a lot of rain events. Our backyard is a swamp. Miles and Tiegan do not approve. Granted, our back yard is foliage-challenged because two very energetic dogs race madly about and our grass, already frail due to lots of trees and not enough sunlight, is giving up the struggle in many spots. We find ourselves walking Tiegan and Miles down the street in the rain, explaining if only they would go potty, we could all go home and be warm and dry. Wouldn’t that be lovely?

I carry my tiny, dainty Tiegan down the street, put her down occasionally and cajole. She shakes the rain off her water repellant coat and looks at me sadly, as though she simply cannot believe such horrid treatment at the hands of her loving mother. Then, of course, I pick her up, cradle her against me, apologize profusely, and carry her home.

Miles stands on the porch with his head out the doggy door, refusing to expose any other body parts to the dreaded moisture. He requires yummy harness treats to get ready to go for a walk. As soon as we exit the garage, he drags me down the street, determined to explore. My boy who makes it clear he will melt if he encounters moisture in the fenced back yard then stands in running water as he sniffs a storm drain. Sigh

My sweet bunnies wish everyone a sunny, dry, happy Easter

Monday, February 12, 2018

Happy Valentine's Day

Tiegan and Miles are not enjoying this stretch of bitter winter weather that makes it difficult for them to be outside long enough to run off any excess energy. We have a bit of cabin fever to contend with. There are more frequent Basenji 500s with Tiegan bouncing off the back of the couch, catapulting across the end table, and dashing around the corner as Miles scrambles over the back of the love seat in pursuit.

 Our sweet babies usually only snark at each other if they’ve acquired something they shouldn't have. When I hear snarking, I shout “What do you have?” as I start running toward the noise.

Recently I raced into the bedroom to find that the yard stick through the drawer handles that prevents Tiegan from opening the top drawer on the bedside chest did not deter Miles. My smart boy discovered he could easily pull open the top drawer while it was attached to the two below it. This yielded a bonanza of forbidden delights. Decimated tubes of lip gloss, pens, tissues, and magazines covered the bed. They retrieved a small bottle of water, chewed holes in the cap, and danced around on the bed, playing keep away while splashing water everywhere. It was a relief for all of us when the temperature temporarily climbed back above freezing.

Even in chaos, they make us laugh in delight at their impishness. They are fun, entertaining little sweethearts. Please click the link below to enjoy their Valentine.