Sunday, September 30, 2012

New Available BRATs: Rigby, Sparky, and Gracie

Name: Rigby
State: Texas
DOB: 12/2008
Gender: Male
Color: Sable tri
Weight: 24

Rigby has a most unique coloring for a Basenji. He loves to play and will even tolerate dogs chewing on his ears, feet, tail and anywhere else without correcting them or getting angry. He is well socialized with dog’s, cats and people. Rigby is a companion dog in that he likes to be around or near you and is very friendly to strangers as well. He is a very personable Basenji.

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Name: Daisy Mae
State: Texas
DOB: 2006
Gender: Female
Color: Red & white
Weight: 17

Daisy is a tiny Basenji, very passive and gets along with other B’s or other breeds. She is not a high energy little girl but will at times play with the fosters B mix. Mostly she just enjoys strolling around the yard and keeps an eye on what others are doing. She loves to have company! Daisy is perfect for someone who has a small fenced yard, or even a courtyard type yard.
She is not at all destructive, preferring to catch up on her beauty sleep when indoors. Daisy is a short haired Basenji and sheds very little and her fur is like silk.

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Name: Gracie
State: Minnesota
DOB: 2/2/2006
Gender: Female
Color: Tricolor
Weight: 22

Gracie has quickly become loving and social with her foster family. Her coat is very soft and she likes to have her ears rubbed. She has thrived with the routines in her home and baroos happily at playtime. Gracie knows several commands such as "down", "sit", "kennel up", "are you ready to eat?" and "hurry up" when it is time to go potty and return indoors. Gracie shares the human bed and is a super bed partner, never spooks or wakes up crabby.

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If you're looking for a Basenji partner, please consider one of our available rescues, located all over the country. Thanks for looking!

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  1. I think I met Daisy Mae when I went to pick up my rescue pup, Nailah. She truly is a sweet little girl and will melt your heart. I hope she finds her forever home soon!