Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Lady and the Champ

A husband and wife that were very much in love decided to start a family. Once the family was established, the loving couple decided to bring two basenjis into their lives.

Their friend had adopted Lady and Champ as pups. She had lost her home and could no longer afford to keep them. Their friend wanted to make sure Lady and Champ were placed in a home who would love and care for them. The family's home seemed like a perfect place for her furkids. Lady and Champ moved into the family’s home and grew to love them. Their lives were great. The man especially loved them.

Years have passed and the couple grew apart. Lady and Champ were left without their man, who couldn’t take them with him. As the children grew, Lady and Champ were left outdoors more and more, until they were permanently left outside. Other than getting food, water, and their shots, the two were left to fend for themselves in the outdoors of North Carolina. This brought Lady and Champ closer and closer together. They cared for each other and played all day long. At night, they cuddled closely together to keep each other warm and safe. Lady and Champ never lost their loving nature with each other or for their humans.

Three years later, the man convinced the woman and children that it was in the best interest of the dogs to give them a new home. The family contacted Basenji Rescue. Their evaluator knew these two would make a very loving pair for a new family and needed to be kept together.

Many emails later, Lady and Champ finally found a foster home in Illinois. Three nice pilots from ARF flew them to their foster home. They are thriving and causing a little bit of havoc. Due to the fact they’ve only had each other, it took a little bit for them to get used to the resident dogs.

With other females flirting with Champ, Lady was a bit jealous.. Champ can’t help that he’s such a cute, cuddle, teddy bear. Lady has a suitor of her own. The alpha male of the house loves her. But, she’s having only one man in her life. Champ, her one true love. From Champ’s behavior, he feels the same.

Their dream of a warm bed has come true. But, will they find their new home and keep their love affair alive? Or, will they be separated from their one true love. Only time will tell.

~Elizabeth Schmidt


  1. So well-written! Love it! I hope they find a good home together.

  2. She sure knows how to keep her mate in line. (See 3rd picture.)