Sunday, May 11, 2014

The best present ever

Macy melted my heart from Day 1
I cannot believe it’s been two years today.  On May 11, I traveled to Ponchatoula to pick up a young female foster.  I knew before I got there that I probably would adopt her.  Sometimes you just know.

My first failed foster, Roxy, was dying from heart disease, the result of the heartworms she came into foster with four years earlier.  I was having a difficult time letting go.  I loved her fiercely and was unwilling to believe that we couldn’t find the right medical “cocktail” to give her a quality life.  And so it was with this on my mind that I set out for Ponchatoula. I didn't know then that I would only have two more months with her.
Macy, left, with Roxy
I believe in love at first sight.  And Macy melted my heart from the moment I laid eyes on her.  I named her Macy, and I call her Macy May when we snuggle.

There was no question that I would adopt her from Day 1. On Mother's Day 2012, I filled out her paperwork and mailed it to BRAT to adopt her (the perks of being the foster and the coordinator!).
Macy, center, fit right in with Iggy, left, and Roxy
So today, May 11 is not only Macy’s birthday, it is Mother’s Day.  And it just doesn’t get any better than that.  Happy birthday, Macy May. You were the best Mother’s Day present ever!
Macy, behind me, with Iggy, left, foster Samson and granddog, Oscar

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