Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Butt Buddies

Have you ever noticed how many basenjis seem to NEED to be around each other, but yet making bodily contact is such a touchy subject?  I must admit that I don't really understand the "dominance dances" that my two do with each other, but it seems that they're always doing them -- one day it's okay for one to steal the other's rawhide, but the next day it's not; sometimes it's okay for them to sit on either side of me on the couch, but sometimes one gets growly and wants to possess both sides of the couch. 

I know that in doggie world, there's a rhyme and reason for all of these things, and I'm sure if I watched their body language more closely I'd understand it better.  But most of the time I'm just a thick-headed human, and I don't "get it."  Which is exactly why I think it's so adorable and momentous when I catch the pups in a rare display of actually being allowed to touch each other!! 

Here are Reef & Biko being "butt buddies" in their favorite spot of the house -- right on the edge of the bed, looking out the front window.  Such silly puppies -- they grumble about living with each other, but then they can never, ever be without each other :-)

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