Thursday, May 15, 2014

River's Run: Setbacks.......Relapse City

Here again...and late...this is beginning to become a habit. But I have a good excuse as to why I'm late letting you know how my run as a BRAT rescue has been going.  You would never guess where I was and why I could not update you.   I was being BOARDED!!!!! Yes, the B word - capital letters, bold, double underline.  I know I enjoy going to day care but they tricked me.  They left me there for 8 - yes I said 8 - nights.  So guess what happens when a BRAT rescue spends 8 nights being in a kennel - setback - relapse city here I come.

Yes, the 8 night boarding spiked my separation anxiety level back into high gear just as I was getting it under control.  They picked me up - interrupting my play time with this nice looking German Shepherd as we were destroying a large piece of cardboard.  Bring me home - ah home sweet home.

However, at first I'm really leary... I follow them from room to room always on their heels.  I keep anticipating that they will leave me alone.  Its really nerve wrecking just the thought of having been abandoned for 8 nights and then to be brought home and possibly be left alone.  Please, understand the staff and fellow canine companions at North Fork Resort are the best.  I really enjoy spending the day at the resort.  There is lots to do - run, chase, climb, lounge, cool off in the wading pool, bask in the sun, chew, etc...  It really is an awesome place.

The first night I'm home all seems well.  Routine back.  Sleeping in my own doggy bed.  Life seems to be moving in the right direction.  Then the next morning...boom!!! First my male human leaves and then my female human.  Of course, there is the old bone trick... put a treat in the bone to distract me as you leave.  I fall for it every time.  After awhile, I feel the anxiety kicking into higher levels.

I try to look out the back door window.  I trip over the step stool and I discover a pair of brown jersey gloves.  I shake them and I chewed the tip of one of the fingers know the one referred to as "the bird".  I guess they will figure out my subliminal message - LOL.  I pull the rug out from the doorway.  I gnawed at some of the linoleum.  I admit it - I lost all self control.  After they return home from their Sunday morning outing to church, I start to settle down despite my thinking they will leave again.  After all it is Sunday...they leave in the morning and again in the evening. Again, the bone trick with the treat.  Again, anxiety rises.  This time drapes, chew toys, anything I can find that I can chew to release the anxiety.  Chewing always seems to release the anxiety.  Following a routine also helps by letting me learn my humans are trustworthy and accountable.

I guess the concern I'm trying to get across is when you upset the routine expect some setbacks and allow some time to resettle. With time, we, Basenjis, settle back into our routine. Until next time....stay safe out there!

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