Saturday, May 17, 2014

Perilous Damp Grass

I'm ready to go in. Enough nature for today.
Spring is here. After the long winter, the Munchkins have been cautiously awaiting perfect spring weather. The snow is gone, the lilacs bloom, and the birds sing, but all is not as it should be in Dasa’s back yard. The grass has been seasonably damp, and my dainty little princess particularly dislikes the clinging damp of a spring morning. Wet grass is cold and most undoubtedly life threatening. 

She would have described a recent morning as wretched, the ground perilously moist. She was positive she’d be doomed to endure damp grass. It is, she is quite certain, wretched and dangerous. Keeping our little Dasa happy is critical. That feeling of contented well-being can be achieved in part by ensuring my little girl is thoroughly warm and dry, in other words, producing a rug to fend off the dreaded dampness. 
Ivan is a bit more resilient and far less tortured by the thought of a small but surely measurable amount of moisture in the foliage. I point out that tender new green grass is more pliant and soft to lie in. He goes along with this rather tepid argument, although he prefers to lie in the mulch near trees and avoid full body contact with soft but possibly moisture-laden spring grass.

Ivan has been watching all the signs, anticipating his days lounging in his back yard, napping in the sun, relishing all the great new spring smells, and finally feeling the sun on his face. We are, at long last, in the midst of spring, a season filled with days and, if we are fortunate, possibly even a week or more of lovely weather. 

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