Monday, May 19, 2014

Question about an Abnormal Growth

Hello, I've been a Basenji owner for 3yrs now since rescuing our Cleo from BRAT. Cleo is 8yrs old, and has been very healthy and active up until these past two months.

Recently, she has developed what started out looking as a little white head pimple the size of a ball point pen, then gradually getting larger, and now almost the size of a quarter.  The vet said she found no cancerous cells in the open sore looking growth, and prescribed Benadryl to lessen the itching. The vet couldn't tell us what it was at all, and suggested we just let it heal on its own.  If it enlarged or bothered Cleo, then it would have to be surgically removed -- which would cost almost $1000!

Could someone please tell me if their Basenji has ever developed anything similar to my description?  And if so, could you share what vet you met with and how you assisted your Basenji during recovery?  We live in the Boston, MA, area. 

Help Please.

Sayida and Cleo 


  1. Sayida, a picture would probably be very helpful. The description is just too general. Where on Cleo's body is the growth/sore located?

    Your vet should have a network of colleagues she could contact for assistance. If she is not willing to do this, I would highly recommend that you find another vet.

  2. Hello Chey, thank you for your prompt response. I have scheduled an appointment this Thursday morning with a different Vet at the Melrose Animal Clinic in Melrose, MA.

    In my search for answers I spoke with Roberta, the woman from BRAT that we rescued Cleo from 3yrs ago. After reviewing my pics she said it looked like a Sebaceous Cysts. After reading more about what this was it seemed to describe just what our Cleo has. It was very frustrating that our current Vet knew nothing about this...wasted over $100....and costs for doggie benydryl...and being told to let it heal on it's own really irritated me.

    Any who, as I exhale now knowing a little more of what Cleo might have (can't confirm until after her visit this Thursday) I feel a little better. Cleo is doing ok it seems she enjoys the sun hitting the cysts (?) as it seems to dry it out more.

    I will keep you posted Chey. I thank you again for your info. I hope surgery isn't needed but whatever it takes to get her back to 100% we'll

    Thank you again for your support....I will figure out how to post pics at a later time but just so you know the cysts is located on the right side of Cleo's torso.