Monday, January 6, 2014

Get Your Tag On!

Last week I received an email from one of our adopters. The email, though written in a humorous voice, speaks to the value and importance of BRAT's ID tag program:
Hello, I am the human slave of a red and white Basenji 
named Penny. Who has decided that her BRAT ID tag was no longer pretty and shiny enough to reflect her Beautiful Awesome Basenjiness.

The problem is she didn't let her lowly slave collect her ID number off her tag before she lost it in the great wilderness of the back yard. And the afore-mentioned slave does not own a metal detector.
So this humble slave is begging that you please send ID number by return magic, super speedy email, as her Mistress, Penny the Awesome, has been known in her past life as Penny the Speedy Sneaky Escape Basenji. And this slave wants to take as few chances as possible.

THANK YOU, oh Great and Wonderful Keeper of the Basenji Rescue and Transport, Inc. ID Tag List!
p.s. This slave swears to keep the ID tag number for future reference.
First, thanks to Penny's slave for making sure that Penny wears her BRAT ID!

The BRAT ID tag issued to every Basenji we place should be worn on its collar in addition to a tag with your own contact information. (If the jingling of tags is annoying, they can be taped together). 

It may seem redundant for your dog to wear two ID tags, but the fact is that personal addresses and phone numbers often change, and updating tags is often overlooked. The BRAT contact information engraved on the ID tag will never change. You can depend on a BRAT volunteer answering the toll- free phone line 24/7 to assist a good Samaritan in the return of your run-away Basenji!

If your dog has lost his/her BRAT tag, you may purchase a replacement.

If you need to update your contact information, or need to know your Basenji's BRAT ID number Contact us here.  [Hint:  Add your dog's name and ID number to your address book for quick and easy future access!]

Kanzi shows off her new BRAT ID tag. She is currently available and she'd love to love you! Read more about her!


  1. My B-girl has a few collars and has ID on all of them with our home and cell phone numbers. The bonus of having a few tags on the collar is you always know where they are by the jingle.

  2. I even added bells to my male B's collar so that my B girls always know where he is.

  3. Good idea, Kelly!

    Anonymous: That sounds kind of funny. Does he hide on them? Why do they need to know where he is? Just curious!