Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Crib Games

One of my basenjis' favorite games to play is to hide underneath our baby's crib.  It's kind of like the "hide & chase under the bed" game, except that there's not a second exit from underneath the crib for the chased dog (usually Reef) to egress, so it ends up in an all-out tussle under the crib and a prey-stalking game for Biko.

What happens is that Reef crawls underneath the crib, which is getting harder for her to do because she's getting a tad chubby these days, and she hides there until Biko decides to come under too:

Then, Biko comes out from under the crib, and decides to prey-stalk Reef so she can't come out:

Since it takes Reef a little bit more time to wiggle out from under there, I usually have to intervene and shut Biko out of the room to allow Reef to come out!  All in all it's a pretty funny game though, unless I'm trying to put the baby to bed :-)

1 comment:

  1. Is the baby entertained by the commotion under the crib, or is it too early for that? :)