Monday, November 12, 2012

New Available BRATs: Vader, Ike, Daisy, and Little Lady

Name: Vader
State: Georgia
DOB: 12/20/2010
Gender: Male
Color: Black & white
Weight: 22

This handsome, young, athletic boy has a very unusual trait for a Basenji; he loves to go for a swim! Vader travels very well in the car and sleeps most of the time. When the car stops he gets up to see where he is and as the trip continues he returns to his nap. Vader really needs to live in a “Basenji Proof Home," or he will pass his time expressing his full Basenji-ness on household objects. When his people are home he wants to be close to them and given the chance to snuggle next to them. He is house trained and an expert on doggie door use. He pulls pretty hard when on a leash but does love to go for walks.

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Name: Ike
State: Texas
DOB: 6/2006
Gender: Male
Color: Red & white
Weight: 27

Ike is a very affectionate boy who loves to be your shadow. Whether you are watching TV, working on your computer or cleaning the house, Ike will be there with you. Ike is VERY intelligent. In less then two weeks he was taught to sit, give paw, stay, come, go to the door when he wants out, down, roll over and even high five. It is not known if his intelligence is due to him being first generation ½ African (his father came from Africa) or his desire to share his love—or perhaps both.

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Name: Daisy
State: Texas
DOB: 10/2006
Gender: Female
Color: Tricolor
Weight: 16

Daisy got her name because she's as cute as a Daisy. She could stand to put on a pound or two, which should be easy to do as she bonds with her new owners over treats. She never learned to climb fences, but she's small enough to slip through small openings. She enjoys quietly hanging out with her foster dad as he works at the computer, and walking around the neighborhood. She gets along well with kids.

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Name: Little Lady
State: Illinois
DOB: 12/1999
Gender: Female
Color: Red and white
Weight: 16

Little Lady is a sweet, gentle soul. She is quiet and easy-going and is looking for a peaceful forever home with humans to love her. She would do well in a home with older children and a calm atmosphere. Little Lady gets along with other dogs but she is one that is more relaxed and would enjoy a companion to lay around with. This loving girl is very laid-back and would need a resident dog of the same nature. She would also do well as an only dog in the home.

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Coast to Coast, Basenji Rescue and Transport does its best to help Basenjis in need. Please take a look at our available dogs to see if you can open your home to a rescue!

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  1. An adorable bunch of rescues. I hope they all find forever homes soon!