Friday, November 16, 2012

Federal Puppy Mill Rule

I know that many of us in rescue don't often like to think about the "darker" side of rescue -puppy mills- because it hurts our hearts to do so.  Most of us have seen the horrible pictures, heard the news stories about the awful breeding conditions at many mills, and we know the essential logic that every dog sold by a mill = a dog not adopted from a shelter or a rescue.  However, I think it's important that from time to time, we do think about these things, because sometimes there is something that you can do about it. 

Today, I got the following link in an email from the ASPCA, an organization works towards improving the welfare of animals of all species and breeds.  It was about a piece of legislation that the ASPCA is supporting which would help to protect dogs in puppy mills (and, I would hope, start to make the irresponsible mills less profitable so that they would close down).  Personally, I chose to take action to support this piece of legislation, and I'm sharing this link out with the BRAT community so that each of you can read about it and make your own choice about whether you feel it's worthy of your support. 

Please bear in mind that this is my own personal opinion and I'm sharing this link at my own behest (not as a representative of BRAT), as BRAT as an organization cannot endorse any political view, campaign, or legislation.  BRAT exists as an organization to rescue, rehabilitate, and re-home dogs of the basenji breed, as well as to educate and support owners, potential adopters, and admirers of the breed (read more about the BRAT Mission).  BRAT does not officially endorse any other organization or its views.  That being said, I believe that we all have the right to educate ourselves and determine what we as individuals would choose to support, so I'm cross-posting this link so that each of us can read and make up our own minds about how we feel about puppy mill regulations. 

Puppy Mill Victim

Federal Puppy Mill Rule Almost Done, Needs Final Push
The USDA is poised to enact new, nationwide regulations of puppy mills—but we need your help. Send an email to the agriculture secretary, urging him to finalize the rules and start protecting dogs stat! Read more...

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