Thursday, November 8, 2012

Like she's always been mine

It's been six months, almost to the day, since Macy came to our home.  From the moment I saw her, I knew she'd never make it to the Available list on the BRAT website.  I was struggling with the declining health of my BRAT Roxy, knowing it was only a matter of months til I would lose her.  While I had planned to adopt another older dog, there was no denying it...Macy was home.  She fit in so well with my non-BRAT B, Iggy, that I sometimes forget that she's only been with us six months.  In Foster world, that's not a lot of time to acclimate to a new surrounding.  She is still unsure at times, wondering if the hand raised to pet her is going to hit her instead.  She doesn't understand that in our home, Basenjis rule the furniture, so she still asks to jump up on the couch or the bed.  She hasn't figured out the counter surfing yet.  She's not fully Basenji!  It won't take long.  Just as my heart melted the moment I laid eyes on her, she will eventually come to understand what it means to be unconditionally loved...and I'll be at the mercy of two full-on Basenjis from that moment on!  I can't wait.

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