Monday, February 27, 2012

Little Dog Curly Tail

If you’ve watched the George Lopez show you’ve heard the Low Rider Song by the band WAR. A low rider is (in some instances) a vehicle that has had its suspension lowered. Little did WAR know their song would symbolize a style of dog, particularly a style of Basenji.
BRAT has inventory! BRAT has lots of colors and styles but this blog is focusing on one style-the LOW RIDER! As WAR pointed out in their song lyrics,
“Low rider is a real goer…Low Rider is the one to meet YEAH!” and rather pertinent in these recessionary times “Low rider don’t use no gas now”

Who can’t save some money at the pump??

My dog Guppy is a Low Rider-he stands 13 inches tall and what he lacks in physical stature he makes up for in personality and mischief. There is even a special chant we recite to Guppy that really gets him excited. He baroos and dances all around. It goes like this: Little dog (clap, clap) Curly Tail.

Recently a Mama dog and her pups came into BRAT. Not just any Mama dog but one that looked suspiciously like Guppy. Same stature and markings too! All but two of the pups have been adopted and understandably adopting a Low Rider is unchartered territory for most people so I’m going to help ease the uncertainty a bit. 

Among the two available pups are BO, a redhead and FABIO, a blonde. Both boys are typical Basenji boys and full of spunk and hell on 8 legs when they’re playing. 

Here are some other characteristics consistent with a Low Rider:
1.       Said Low Rider WILL create a stir wherever they go. People (and other dogs) will want to know what this little dog is.
2.      Countersurfing just doesn’t happen. 
      An open refrigerator door however and the bottom shelf is an entire different story.
3.      A smaller stature lends itself to better cuddling and more room on the couch.
4.      His name is FABIO….’nuff said.
5.      His name is BO…Bo Duke had a *really* cool car….
6.      Shorter legs make for a lower center of gravity-harder to take down when wrestling.
7.      They are easier to buy clothes for. (Dunno why but they are)
8.     They’re teddy bear sized.
9.      They make great arm rests in the car.
10.   They’re cat sized so when correction by cat is needed-the cat doesn’t need to reach.
11.   Who needs to buy tickets to the NHRA’s?
12.  If you’re downsizing or live in a small space-they’re perfect!


  1. I am excited to say that I am heading there this weekend to hopefully adopt one!

    1. Hi Gin-

      Sorry it's taken me so long to respond. Did you adopt a lowrider??