Sunday, February 26, 2012

New Available BRATs: Kerby, Ricky, Benji, Zoey, Cody

Name: Kerby
Dog state: California
DOB: 7/7/2002
Gender: Male
Color: Red & white
Weight: 23

Kerby is a good natured, well-rounded, male basenji who has a heart of gold and wants to share it with you. His appearance is as special as he is. He has a shadow of a black saddle marking on his back which we think adds to his unique and totally charming personality. He adores his people and gets along well with everybody -- men, women, and children.

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Name: Ricky
Dog state: Indiana
DOB: 2000
Gender: Male
Color: Tricolor
Weight: 34

Ricky is a very sweet older gentleman. He’s the rough and tough, strong and silent type, with a calm, observant demeanor. He would prefer to accompany you anywhere you go, but is OK if he can’t. He’s courteous, respectful and well mannered. Being an older gentleman, he likes his routine, and he likes his quiet. His favorite spot is by your side. There he will sleep for hours...

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Name: Benji
Dog state: Indiana
DOB: 2007
Gender: Male
Color: Red & white
Weight: 33

Benji is a amazing diamond in the rough! He knows many commands, gets along with other female basenjis that are not dominant or aggressive and is a snuggler. He does enjoy a good walk or a jog and is losing weight with proper exercise and nutrition. This sweetie pie didn't have much training in his former life and is doing very well with his foster family about learning and getting into a routine. As you can tell from his photo he has only one eye. Benji was reportedly in an auto accident many years ago and lost an eye. BUT, he is "all basenji"!

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Name: Zoey
Dog state: Illinois
DOB: 2003
Gender: Female
Color: Red & white
Weight: 38

Zoey is an amazing lady! This beautiful 9 year old basenji is very sweet, loving and would love nothing more than to have a home to call her own. Zoey is good with other dogs, but would prefer to be the only female dog in the house. She is good with her house manners and her foster family continues to work with her in that regard. She is crate trained and house trained.

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Name: Cody
Dog state: Indiana
DOB: 2005
Gender: Male
Color: Red & white
Weight: 35

Cody started out in life as a show dog who did not like being in the ring. His breeder placed him with an adopter who later surrendered him to rescue. Cody is a playful and social basenji with lots of energy. He is currently boarded at a kennel due to a shortage of foster homes in the Midwest. He may have habits or quirks which have not been identified but over all he is a very sweet boy who craves attention. More than anything else, Cody needs someone who is willing to take a less than perfect basenji and show him that life in a real home is much better than living in a kennel. 

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Looking to open your home to one of these lovely dogs? Please check out the main BRAT page for more available rescues!

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