Friday, March 2, 2012

Things we love about them, # 32 in a series

Ivan goes through life with stupendous élan.

He’s so elegant. Every time I see him lying in causal repose with his paws crossed, I’m just enchanted with my graceful Ivan. This elegant grace is just one of the many reasons I love my curly-tailed barooing boy.

Do your basenjis lie with their paws crossed? Do they enchant you with their very basenjiness, their style, their panache? Can you imagine being as entranced with a basset hound or a bloodhound?

Someone once told me that having a bloodhound meant you had to get used to drool on the ceiling. That’s when I knew yet again that the Basenji is the dog for me.


  1. Unfortunately, my current basenjis do not cross their legs. I think Pharo would but he usually lays on his twitchy leg to control the spasms a bit.

  2. My basenji does it once a while, but not often enough for me to have caught a picture. Ivan is quite charming!