Monday, December 7, 2009

Ellie the Ear Cleaning Queen

This morning Ellie was sitting in my lap while we had one of our face-to-face mutual adoration sessions. ;-) She suddenly decided my right ear was in desperate need of a most thorough cleaning. When she was done, she gazed into my eyes again. I said, "you know, you might as well clean the other one now." And she promptly did!

Ellie firmly believes that there are few issues in the world that cannot be improved or even solved by a vigorous ear cleaning. She certainly practices on me enough, and her techniques on Taj are best described as commando. She will go as far to lay on top of him and lick his ears with a fervor usually reserved for cream cheese. If he wiggles or protests, she fixes him with an evil eye and a growl, then keeps on cleaning! That boy has the shiniest ears I've ever seen on any dog. Ellie also cleans my BRAT boy Marco Polo's face and ears for him several times a day now that he is a very old boy, and Taj will go so far as to stick his face up to Ellie's and angle his head to indicate she should clean his ears NOW!

I can just picture a large table with all the world's leaders sitting around it, and a little brindle B girl going from lap to lap giving everyone a good old mama dog ear scrubbing until everyone agrees to get along . . .

Linda S. Krajewski
Redlands, CA

Devoted Basenji slave to:
Ellie, brindle Queen of Everything
Taj, red/white Crown Prince of Mischief
Former BRAT foster Marco Polo, red/white Royal Explorer
and co-owned by 2001 bay roan Appaloosa mare Curly

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