Sunday, December 6, 2009

A Basenji Confesses

(From the BRAT-chat lists, October 2008)

I've had a foster puppy, Mojo, with me for about a month now. He is a
charming and energetic 10 month old brindle boy who, like any B puppy, is a
mixture of sweetness, fun, and utter chaos. He has earned the nicknames
Mojito (because at times he's so crazy I need a drink) and Mosquito (because
he can be so busy and pesty, especially to my old man Marco Polo).

When I came home last night, my three Bs and Mojo greeted me
enthusiastically at the door. My pack are not often vocal at such times,
but Mojo was making an excited little rolling roo noise in his throat (you
know, the sound that non-B experienced people think is a growl). I went to
the bedroom to dump off my computer, briefcase, and purse. Ellie, Taj, and
Mojo jumped on the bed to cavort around and Marco laid down on the floor to
watch. All this time Mojo was making his roo-roll sound and moving his
mouth around as if he had something he was trying desperately to say. And
then -- he confessed loudly:


I couldn't stop laughing for quite a while.

Cheers and yodels,
Linda S. Krajewski
Redlands, CA
Owned by Basenjis - Ellie, Taj, and former BRAT foster Marco Polo
and co-owned by 2001 bay roan Appaloosa mare Curly!

(Mojo was placed in a loving home in Northern California shortly after the time of this story)

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