Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Lucky's Matching Challenge!

I am very pleased to announce that we have met the $2,500 matching challenge for Lucky, the basenji in Tennessee with a broken leg.

In fact, we far exceeded the challenge amount and received donations to date totaling $9444!

Below is a list of all of our donors for this challenge. I also want to recognize Lucky's foster parents, Allan and Dawn Atkinson (who also donated) and her adopter, Laurel Martin, who sent the attached photo of Lucky with his new best friend.

We plan to use all of the extra money to pay for the vet bills of our some of our other expensive dogs---including four basenjis from Reliance, Tennessee who have been treated for Heartworm, and Tyco in Las Vegas who also had a broken leg. Remaining funds will be used for other BRAT dogs in need.

Thank you to everyone who donated in this challenge!

Mike Swan
President, BRAT, Inc.

Check donations (Total: $5263)
Sherry Agee
Janet Benoit
Anabelle Brown
Christine Burrows
Paul Carnegie
Cynthia Castro
Frankie Clements
Sally Cobb
Gail Conley-Reagan
The Damien Foundation
Sarah Douthit
Pat Dukes
Pamela Elness
Robert Elasser
Carol Fetters
Tai-Jen Gordon
Larry Gregory
Lamay Hansen
Nancy Harley
Roberta Kosek
Marc Lax
James Meleones
Becky Melich
Chris Miles
Barbara Narehood
Peggy Pick-Sutton
Vickie Pscheid
Lori Runyon
Chris Santore
Frank Senko
Laura Tabor
Brenda Tucker
Oren Will

Paypal donations (Total: $2406)
Jennifer Ellin
Suzanne Sarlls-Hartwell
Kim Robinson
Nancy Lubanovich
Richard Burr
Sara Burroughs
Robin Nuspi
Linda Henning
Jean Booth
Barbara Kunze
Michael Henry
Margaret O'Reilly
George Woodard
Emily Panchenko
Lynda Carroll
Julia Mahoney
Kathleen Barrett
Nancy Demers
Deborah Muzzin
Linda Vital
Peter Meyers
Manuel Fleissner
Tim Gibson
Patricia Imhoff
Christopher Alexander
Laura Whitney
Mary Goldschmidt
Jennifer Ellin

Network for Good donations (Total: $1775)
Chey Miller
Oscar Williams
Jennifer Titus
Robin Loree
Jaime Adams
Karen Trim
Darlene Carenza
Katherine Black
Carolyn Williams
Christa Reinwall
Jennifer Yearly
Judith Kubric
Robin Robertson
Mary Gregory
Teresa Spruill
Linda Raines
Michael Swan
Debra Sedgeley
Nancy Grant
Sarah Morgan
Caryn Schoeffler
Judith Murray
Kay Theener
Robert Lawley
Louise Mead

A note from Lucky's adopter, Laurel Martin:
We are so excited to add Lucky to our household. Getty is enjoying getting her to run the B500 and seems to be very attentive to her. While they are still trying to figure out the exact pecking order (our money is on her!), things seem to be moving along very smoothly. We are so grateful to all the love and attention that Dawn Atkinson and her foster family gave her as she was recovering from surgery. She was truly lucky to have them respond when she was first hit by the car.

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