Monday, September 14, 2009

Let Sleeping Dogs Lie

When I was a child, my grandmother used to tell me to let sleeping dogs lie. I had no idea what she meant - so I always took that in the most literal sense and never, ever bothered a sleeping dog.

This is Kirby, my 1st dog, my first basenji, and the original 4-legged love of my life. He came into my life when he was a puppy. He loves to sleep and so do I - we are a match made in sleeping heaven.

Since everything I knew about basenjis I learned from my Kirby, I thought every basenji slept in a tight little basenji-ball. - which is the only way Kirby sleeps. Until. . .

This is Saana. She is my 2nd dog, my second basenji, and is the 4-legged love of my husband's life. Course Kirby & I love her just as much, so she is a lucky girl. She is a BRAT girl who found us last November when her foster dad brought her to OUR dog park.

Much to my initial suprise. . .she NEVER sleeps in a basenji-ball. Until then, Kirby was my only basenji-teacher. But you can wake her up and the first things she does is stretch and wag her little tail at at you - and your heart flutters too.

This is Bogey. He is one of Kirby's best doggy friends who rules the house where my friend Jenn lives. Kirby and Bogey have sleepovers, like all best friends do, and Bogey sleeps anywhere and any way he can find! But unlike Kirby or Saana, Bogey does not wake up and wag his tail. In fact, if you touch Bogey's backside anywhere while he's sleeping - you will be the unlucky recipient of a Bogey snark. He does not like to be woken up with touching. Who knew? A dog as grumpy as I am in the mornings.

And finally, this is Luey. He's not even a basenji. He's a Vizsla, and he is Kirby's other best doggy friend in the world. They are the same age and have grown up together since puppies.

And why am I showing you Luey? Because I think Luey really, really wants to be a basenji. . .

All I can really tell Luey is to just let sleeping basenjis lie!

(Even if they are on top of each other)


  1. Great story, I loved it! Bill Newton

  2. Very nice. I let my sleeping Baseji "Pickles" lie because she is not really nice when you mess with her while she is sleeping in her baseji ball. I have a Jack Russell that has picked up the Baseji yodel and the sounds a Basenji makes.

    Michael West

  3. I really love this ...I have one like the last one...but you neglected to mention the fully stretched out position on the side against your back which feels so good on cold winter nights. I also have a big dog that likes to sleep in the small bed curled up occasionally.

  4. Bogey sounds like my boy Tut! He can be snuggled up with me, but if Ieave the room for a moment, when I come back, Tut acts like he is being attacked and has to defend himself with his most ferocious growl! LOL! He's harmless though. As for the sleeping on their side posture with all four legs stretched out straight .. This is fine as long as they are not stabbing you in the back with all twenty of their toes!!! What would we do without these unique traits?

  5. My b-boy starts out sleeping in a ball by the edge of the bed and by morning he has managed to stretch out every which way and has 2/3 of a king size bed to himself, with me and my husband sleeping on the other 1/3.