Saturday, September 12, 2009

Is my Basenji part Bloodhound?

I have been amazed lately that Quantum (the baddest dog in Canada) can smell one tiny little dog kibble on the other side of the bathroom door up to two meters away ! This comes about because his food cupboard is right across from the bathroom door and when I am getting the food in their bowls I put his bag on the counter in the bathroom and drop a few kibbles on the floor and say with much enthusiasm "freebies" and he finds them all and gets to feel like he is stealing. Well because he is getting up there in his senior years and doesn't see as well as he used to he sometimes misses one but always discovers it with his sense of smell the next time he passes by the bathroom. He will suddenly stop and look at the closed bathroom door (all basenji owners know why) and then start beating on the door with both his paws and whining....sure enough when I open the door there is ALWAYS a lone kibble laying in there somewhere. And he has never done this unless there is a kibble on the floor. What an incredible nose !!
Kelly Freisen


  1. What a handsome old gentleman Quantum is! I adore the oldsters.