Tuesday, September 15, 2009

BRAT Fundraiser a Success!

Calvin sporting his goth tee shirt. You can't see it, but his shirt says "I Vant to Bite Your Butt". Dare I say more?

One of my happy customers (who I am betting ate the tee shirt before he got home).

Calvin and Toni safe in doggie jail, er, I mean their crate.

On Sunday I had a BRAT booth at the Shelburne Museum Goes to the Dogs Event up here in Vermont. It is a really cool event where the historical Shelburne Museum works with the locally owned and run Pet Food Warehouse to throw what is considered "The biggest dog party of the year". This year 2,600 people and 870 dogs attended. That is A LOT of dogs in one place at one time! There were dozens upon dozens of booths from dog and animal rescue groups and other dog related businesses like groomers, trainers, and doggie day care. There was a doggie fashion show, a HUGE doggie costume contest, agility and police dog demonstrations, dancing dogs, dog games like bobbing for hot dogs, and so much more!

In addition to having a table set up for BRAT I also had my own booth for my art business Happy Fantastic Designs. Happy Fantastic Designs is a collection of silk-screened apparel and accessories for women, children, and dogs. At this event I primarily sold tees for dogs and dog themed baby onesies and tote bags. Actually, I sold all of the pug and dachshund bags I brought! I still have some basenji totes left if anyone is interested. ;) I donated 50% of my profit to BRAT and raised $122.86. Plus, Pet Food Warehouse had a drawing to win gift certificates to their store, I entered BRAT, and lo and behold BRAT won a $250 gift card! Barooodle roo!!!!

I brought all 3 of the basenjis. Calvin was a model in the fashion show. Toni ate every single piece of cookie, food, and kettle corn as she could find on the ground, and Happy (who is almost 18!) spent the afternoon snoozing under a shady tree. The best part was that ALL 3 dogs behaved and there were no fights! And they were good and tired when we got home.

One thing is for certain, people in Vermont sure do love their dogs! :)

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  1. Thank you, Joanne, for raising so much money for BRAT. The basenjis in need sincerely appreciate your generosity!