Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Vote for BRAT in the Petfinder Shelter + Challenge

We would greatly appreciate if you could vote for BRAT every day in the Petfinder Shelter Challenge.

We have a chance to win thousands of dollars in grants. But, to win we will need everyone to vote every day. Here is the link to vote.

When you get to the voting site, search for "basenji" in the state of Texas. We will be the only shelter to come up. Bookmark this site and register to get a daily reminder.

We won $2000 earlier in the year and hope to do even better this time. This is an easy way to help raise money for basenji rescue. So far, we are #4 in the entire country thanks to your votes.

Thank you for your support!

Mike Swan, President

ps. We have included a direct link to the website site on the right hand side of this blog. If you lose this link, you can always find it on the BRAT blog or on the main BRAT webpage.

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