Monday, June 9, 2014

Update on "Question about an Abnormal Growth"

This post is an update on the "Question about an Abnormal Growth" we had from May 19, 2014.

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Hello!  I wanted to give you an update on how well our Cleo has been doing since my 1st blog.

She is doing so much better after our getting a 2nd opinion from a Vet who still couldn't tell us what the sore was exactly (just that it's not cancerous..which is very important and a relief to know) but who offered a bubble collar to keep Cleo from biting at her sore and also provided antibacterial wipes...which didn't work nearly as well as...simply, Hydrogen Peroxide! My 12yr old suggested this and as you will see in pics below, it has helped the sore heal immensely! Please disregard the spots on Cleo's coat; she had just run through some tall grass and flowers. Nothing to do with her sore.


As you can see in the pictures, the spot is no longer red, oily, or pussy looking. It used to be raised up from her skin and felt like a tiny hockey puck. But now it is a lot smaller, has recessed down, and is no longer red and infected looking. Sore shriveling up to a small thin scab. It's almost paper thin!

Thank you so much to the basenji community for your support. This our 1st dog and I really felt supported by you and those on the Basenji blog who responded.
Take Care, grateful, and Cleo..happier and healthy!


  1. Sayida, I'm not sure how I missed your response with the addition of pictures of the sore, but I'm so glad you found another vet, and also that Roberta was able to reassure you! Best of all is that the sore shows significant improvement and Cleo sounds happy! Yay!

  2. So glad to hear that Cleo is healing up and that you stumbled across the hydrogen peroxide cure! When I was 20 I got ringworm from a sheep and nothing the doctor prescribed was working and it kept spreading and spreading. I finally bought Tinactin from the drugstore in desperation and it immediately started to get rid of the ringworm. On a side note I have not touched a sheep in the last 37 years haha.