Saturday, April 5, 2014

River's Run: Squeaky, Squeaky, Squeaky

How many squeaky toys does it take to make a Basenji happy?

I'm beginning to realize I have hit the "paydirt" of forever homes.  Maybe I need to consider relaxing and settling down - not be so jumpy at times.  Especially since I have "paydirt" of a toy box full of squeaky toys: 4 donkeys, 2 frogs, a dog, raccoon, teddy bear and a rope.  Yes, I know the rope doesn't squeak but its in the box.

Every evening I swear they use me for their own entertainment.  I fall for it every time. I just can't help myself.  All they have to do is open that big box and it's on.  Tell me what you think?

Now that you have a had a good chuckle at my mass confusion of which squeaky toy I wanted, let's get serious.  No matter whether stuffed or squeaky, Basenjis should always - yes always - be supervised when playing with these types of toys.  Why?  We like to try to eat our toys, their stuffing and the squeakers.  And we are super fast at de-stuffing and de-squeaking our toys.  So please rather than have to try to makes us throw up or be taken to the vet for an emergency, please supervise our play time.  I guess that must be why they use me as their entertainment - to trick me into thinking I'm not being supervised.

Be careful out there.....

P.S.  The answer is 1 - just one squeaky toy 

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