Saturday, March 22, 2014

The Sound of Music

Our first-born basenji, Reno was a very silent little guy.  I thought perhaps he had never heard other basenjis, and so did not know he could yodel.  I tried to get him to sing along when I played a recording of basenjis barooing.  When I attempted to baroo along with the recording to encourage him, he moved to the other end of the couch and turned his head, obviously embarrassed by his uncool mom.  Reno never did elicit much more than a squeak at the end of a yawn.

Little Leo was shy and also quiet. Ivan and Dasa are much more vocal, and far more likely to tell us what’s on their minds. Sometimes in detail and at great length. However, none of our basenjis have seemed interested in singing along to accompany Eric’s piano playing. Perhaps this is because he is a classical music aficionado, and Bach and Bartok simply do not encourage sing alongs.
Nonetheless, all of our basenji children seem to enjoy his playing. Reno liked to sit by the piano while Eric played, acquiring much in the way of music appreciation while he faithfully attended Eric’s daily concerts. Ivan hasn’t exhibited quite the same level of devotion to the craft, but he snoozes contently in his cuddle bed while Eric plays. Dasa, on the other hand, has been known to wait near the piano bench at least until intermission.
I would be delighted if the Munchkins decided to provide vocals to harmonize with the keyboard.  Eric might have to adjust his performance expectations, but oh what fun it would be. 

Does anyone have a basenji who likes to sing along when their humans make music?

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  1. My parents basenji loved to sing. My mom used to pla y the piano for the church and they would sing along when she practiced. The more rousing the hymn the louder they got. P.k. (Cayenne Pequeno) Would sit on the back of the couch behind the piano so it looked like he was reading the music.