Thursday, March 6, 2014

River's Run: The B's Out of the Bag!

River's Run:  The B's Out of the Bag

Have you ever had a secret that you didn't want someone to find out about you?  Then some time passes and accidentally you share your secret.  Yep - the Basenji's out of the Bag!!!

I had a secret I had been keeping from my humans since they adopted me.  I've been with them 10 mos. and had yet to feel comfortable to try and take over that large comfy item where they sleep.  I know, I know - other basenjis would have literally jumped for the opportunity to take claim of the bed.  My female human has tried since day one to get me to jump, lay, sit, pounce, play, walk, anything on it.  I kept know the aloof, independent streak that basenjis are notorious to have.

Well, I have discovered that some humans can be just as stubborn and persistent as a basenji. Here I am ten months into my forever home and she's still trying to get me to sleep in the bed with her.  Really?!?!  What's all the fuss about it?

Then it happened - POLAR VORTEX - words I had never heard but its effects were bone curling cold! Basenjis love heat whether its from a heat vent, fireplace, sun shining through a window, or even leaning against a human.  As you can see I found those holes in the floor that blow hot air up my nose.

Then one night my female human tricked me onto that big comfy bed with turkey bacon treats.  Food - always motivates me into doing anything.  I jumped up on the bed.  She started giving me nibbles of the treat motivated by commands of "sit" and then "lay"  OOOOOpppppppppssss!  I laid down -  I forgot they didn't know I knew that command.  The B's out of the Bag!  and what's worse - she shared my secret with the male human when he came home from where ever it is he goes for eight hours.  Now anytime I want a treat I have to not only sit but lay. 

Oddly though, that big cushion turns out to be very warm and comfortable.  Now in the mornings, I'm the last one out of bed.  :)  Until next time, stay warm and remember, a rescue often takes time to feel at home! 

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