Thursday, January 2, 2014

River's Run: My Arrival


On April 27, 2013 I arrived to my third forever home.  Being that I have had 2 other forever homes and more than 3 foster homes in my 6 years - well now 7 since yesterday was my barooday - needless to say my separation anxiety was at an all time high.

When my new humans picked me up in Michigan (the fifth state I have been in), they seemed very nice.  However it was a long drive to their home in Southern Ohio (now six states).  As usual we, B's, latch on to humans immediately.

Then it happened....within 24 hrs they brought out that wired thing...they tricked me into it and left me for 20 minutes.  I snapped....Yes, I've been in these before...but in a new strange place it makes the crate seem tight, uncomfortable, and awful.  So, I did what any Basenji would do...just take a look..

After the 20 minute anxiety driven destruction of a drill bag, rug and the crate itself,  my new humans determined the crate was not for me.  

Then life seemed good until they did it again.  I guess there was a funeral service and again I had to be left alone.  This time they used those things to keep smaller humans from entering rooms - every where - they blocked the stairs, the computer room, and the living room and shut the bathroom and bedroom doors. Well, again, the anxiety overwhelmed me and I knocked down every single one of those little fences and had a field day!  I found a nice bag to chew the handle off of upstairs. I tore down and chewed holes in curtains.  I even tore a hole in the recliner. 

But guess what?  I was never scolded, hit, or anything.  They just cleaned up my mess, sewed up the chair and curtains.  Wow...these humans are awesome.  I guess they understand.  As time went on,  I gradually grew used to being left alone for short periods of time and I noticed they always came back. 

I guess what I'm trying to tell you - when you get a new one of us in your home, take the all alone time the time alone by 5 - 10 minutes each time. Determine if a crate is appropriate for the new Basenji in your home.  Use those interior fences if needed.  And most of all, be patient...time will make a difference.  I've been in this home now 8 months and am staying by myself four hours with minimal issues...well let's just say that thing they put up with lights and missing a decoration.  :-) 

Have a Happy New Year....


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