Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Sleeping Patterns

Having lived with and fostered four basenjis over the past five years, I have seen varying takes on the old adage "let sleeping dogs lie".  Each of the four has had his or her sleeping quirks.

My first foster Guru and my first adoptee Bow would only sleep in bed beside me.  Though she flew half way across the country in a crate and arrived on a cold rainy November night confused and scared,  on her first night Bow settled into her standard bedtime pattern -- under the covers and snuggled into a comfy spot behind my knees.

Shaka and Audrey arrived two and a half years ago and vary on where they want to sleep.  If Shaka has settle on the couch or in his bed in his crate, that's where he'll stay until morning.  But some importantly, don't disturb him.  If, by chance, we three end up in my bed, the two manage to hog the bulk of the center or the bed, and Shaka will let you know in no uncertain terms that he does not want to be disturbed.  Touch him, and he will let out a loud snark.  In fact come within a foot of him, and he gives a warning growl.  If Audrey rises or turns two feet away, he will let out the "Don't even think of coming closer," growl.

Audrey will not complain unless she is picked up while sleeping.  And a typical pattern is that we three will watch the evening news on the couch where Shaka remains, and around 1 a.m., feeling lonely or cold, Audrey will join me in the bed.  And, even on her own she manages to take as much as space as she and Shaka do together.

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