Saturday, June 15, 2013

The Royals and Their Servants

I thought, like the royalty they are, Ivan and Dasa would not soil their little white paws with common coinage. Food, chewies, and toys materialize because they wish it. Do Queen Elizabeth  and Prince Philip carry cash? Do they have to dash out to get provisions when the palace snack supply runs low? Of course not. They have servants to pay the pizza delivery guy or take the DiGiorno’s out of the oven. They have servants to take care of all the dreary common details and cheerfully provide their every want and need. A cushy pillow or three? At once. More soft blankets and warm sweaters? As you wish. I had no idea Ivan and Dasa were aware money existed.

How little I know. On a recent visit, my sister Susan dropped her little clutch on the kitchen table so she could properly greet Ivan and Dasa. I saw this out of the corner of my eye, but my warning stalled somewhere in the neural process. We walked into the next room to get a book she wanted to borrow. This took seconds, seconds, yet when we turned around Ivan was jubilantly clutching a twenty and the purse was under the table. I traded for a treat, and Susan said, "Poor Ivan. Mom needs to give you more allowance."

Like royalty, they are never at fault and the servants take the blame.


  1. "Poor Ivan. Mom needs to give you more allowance."


  2. How did I miss this??! One of my favorites, Peggy. Maybe you should start taking Ivan with you when you do your banking. :)