Wednesday, June 19, 2013

June surprises

Well June brought pleasant surprises for Nina, my BRAT, and Seamus, my senior B. Nina turned 5 and we celebrated by taking a trip to the vet, which was a HUGE surprise for me because although she lets me do NOTHING to her at home, I feared the worst at the vet.  But she was an angel!!! Vax, ear check, and a nail trim, and she behaved herself all the way through!!! I was shocked. Being a vet tech myself, I was a bit embarrassed that Nina won't let me do these things myself, but the vet said that Nina just "has my number." I guess so!
Next, off to the dog park we went for their first time. Seamus hasn't been around other dogs except mine since his puppyhood, and he's 10 now, so I was a but unsure about how he'd react. But they both loved it!!  I think they like the under-25lb side better (my dogs are a big bunch, weighing in at 24 and 28 lbs respectively).  Altogether, it was a great day, and what pleasant surprises for the month of June :)

-Mandy Hazen

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