Sunday, April 14, 2013

New Available BRATs: Ginny, Josie, Eddie, Chigaru & Pepper

Name: Ginny
Dog State: New Hampshire
DOB: 12/1/2002
Gender: Female
Color: Black and white
Weight: 19

If you love basenjis, you must meet Ginny! A petite girl with a tightly curled tail that resembles a black and white rose, Ginny is a loyal companion with great style and intelligence to match. At ten years old, her age is evident only by the sprinkling of grey hair on her muzzle; Ginny is energetic and agile with keen hearing and an good appetite.

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Name: Josie
Dog State: Illinois
DOB: 1/1/2003
Gender: Female
Color: Tricolor
Weight: 21

Josie is a sweet dog that needs a very Basenji-experienced home without children. She must meet her new family on her terms. Josie wants to slowly observe you and learn your noises and movements. When she is ready, she will come to you. Once she gets used to you, Josie is a joy to have around.

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Name: Eddie
Dog State: Iowa
DOB: 11/29/2011
Gender: Male
Color: Red & white
Weight: 22

Meet Eddie! This adorable one-year old boy brings the zip! and the zing! to every day life! Eddie loves people and he loves fun. If you're looking for a high energy little guy with a darling personality, Eddie will win your heart.

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Name: Chigaru and Pepper
Dog State: Virginia
DOB: 2/1/2008 (C) / 12/2003 (P)
Gender: Male
Color: Red and white (C) / black and white (P)
Weight: 27 (C) / 25

Chigaru and Pepper are a bonded pair of male Basenjis looking for a new family to love. They get along great together and would do best if they can both go to the same home. Given a choice they would prefer a home in which they can be included in all the activities of their family, including snuggling under the covers in bed at night.

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