Saturday, November 3, 2012

Surviving Hurricane Sandy

Greetings, from the not-so-sunny Jersey Shore!  I am happy to report that both humans and basenjis have managed to survive Hurricane Sandy, and although we don't have power back yet (4.5 days and counting), we're hanging in here.  Somehow, our happy little basenji household has managed to survive right in the epicenter of the storm, as we live out on a peninsula that stretches into the bay just behind the barrier islands in Brick, NJ (Ocean County).   Yes, with our spectacular luck we managed to live right in the middle of all of this chaos, only about a mile from the Mantoloking Bridge collapse, a half mile from where they were doing water rescues and putting our fires in bayfront neighborhoods, and a few miles north of the Seaside amusement park pier collapse.  (For the curious, I have posted up some of my pics that I took walking around these past few days: Pictures of Brick and Point Pleasant NJ after the storm).  

Checking out the generator

Thankfully our home was untouched, partly because we’re on high ground and protected by woods all around, and partly because we're lucky.  However, the power lines are not in good shape in our neck of the bay so unfortunately I don’t expect power to be back anytime soon.  So, right now we're still hunkered down in the living room, as we have been since the storm, and since there’s still no heat both humans and basenjis are staying tightly bundled up both indoors and out.  The thermostat in my living room says it’s a balmy 59 degrees inside right now, and while my two heat-seeking basenjis are clearly not happy with this (or the fact that they have to wear their jackets indoors), I tell them to count our blessings that we didn't have to evacuate and they're not kenneled up in a shelter right now.  And as a bonus, they get lots of quality time with mom and dad curled up by the fireplace! 

Biko protects his dad in front of the fireplace

Biko staying warm on the couch

Reef found some sunlight under her blanket

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  1. So glad all of you, two-legged and four, are safe and sound. Hope all else gets back to normal soon.