Friday, November 2, 2012

Fall Is What Leaves Do

We have lots of trees because they provide shade, oxygen, and they’re lovely. They also offer the Munchkins entertainment, and Ivan has lots of good places to pee, even when it’s rainy. “Look, Ivan, here’s a tree; go potty.”

I love our trees, even though we have lots of leaves to rake every fall.  Fortunately, the Munchkins are tireless little helpers with yard work. Leaf disposal takes several weekends as the leaves fall on their own schedule. The first weekend I filled up lots of large leaf bags. Ivan and Dasa supervised.


  The second weekend I mowed and then mulched around the trees with the leaf mulch. Ivan and Dasa came out to inspect after I finished.

The next weekend the Munchkins watched over my progress as I raked some more, even as the leaves continued to fall. The last large Maple tree is slowly shedding its leaves. They will soon be knee deep around that tree, but Ivan and Dasa are always willing to help. I don’t know how I’d manage without them.

Ivan rests after a long day supervising yard work.

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