Tuesday, October 16, 2012

The Unshakeable Bomba

After reading about Nailah’s bravery, I thought I would share what happened a little while ago at our house. Bomba is pretty close to fearless. He is a fearsome hunter who is on constant watch for intruders in our yard. But….

Bomba surveying his domain
The other night I’m in the living room and hear one of the dogs coming in through the dog door (no big deal) then the sound of frantic, scrambling nails on tile floor. I look up to see Bomba doing a very credible imitation of a cartoon character. Legs moving in all directions at once, eyes the size of saucers and hair puffed out liked he stuck his nose in a light socket. After getting purchase on the floor he flies by me into the bedroom.
Okay, now I’m really concerned. What on Earth could have upset Bomba that much? I’m envisioning raccoon or skunk. I ask my husband to check outside as I quickly close the dog door because I don’t want whatever it is infiltrating the house. Russ (my hero), after dutifully searching the yard while Bomba watched through the patio door (with hair still puffed up), comes back laughing. Okay….. He reports that he didn’t see anything but finally heard some rustling under dead branches stacked by the back door. He moves the limbs and spies…..a toad. Really Bomba? A TOAD?!? In Bomba’s defense it was the size of saucer.

Recovering from toad trauma
 ~Lori Stowe


  1. That is the funniest thing I've ever read.....LOVE it! Thanks for a great laugh.

  2. Awww, poor Bomba! Great description of his panicked reaction!

    It may a good thing the toad scared him, otherwise he might have been tempted to mouth it, and some toads can be very bad news for dogs! Beware of Cane toads (aka Giant, or Marine toads) found in FL and TX, and Colorado River toads, found near water in the southwestern US. Their venom can be deadly to dogs!