Monday, October 15, 2012

No Fear Nailah

It's Halloween - that popular and spooky time of year when it is fashionable to scare and be scared. Not that Nailah will give a hoot. She doesn't know the meaning of fear.

Nailah conquers the 1906 rock. A small step for Nailah. A huge leap for basenjikind.

Is it just me, or do all basenjis seem to be fearless?

My friends' dogs all seem to have their terrors that give them the quivering whimpers. Thunder. Fireworks. Hot air balloons (very common in my area, which holds the International Balloon Fiesta).

"It is balloon!"
(How many of you are old enough to remember where that quote comes from? Let's see! Leave your answer in the comments section.)

Not Nailah. Thunder? Snooze. Fireworks? Meh. Hot air balloon? Catch it! When hiking, there is no precipice too steep on which to balance, no critter too huge to chase (to the limit of her retractable leash), no larger, fiercely hackled, snarling dog who many not be eagerly approached for play.

That's right. I'm so tough, I eat rocks for breakfast. RAWR!

The only basenji I ever had that feared anything was another of my (non-BRaT) rescues, Hottentot. His terror was ... stairs. That's right. Stairs. Two steps could cause his heart to quail, and only over weeks of patient practice were we able to convince him that these obstacles were indeed surmountable. Poor pup apparently thought he was a Dalek.  

Kia, Anubis and Hottentot. Guess who's on the floor.

So, do any of your basenjis have a fear? Let's hear about it! Remember, baths and rain don't count - that's not fear, everyone knows water is ikky-poo.


  1. Big dogs, little dogs -- Bowpi will greet them all.
    Cliffs and high places are no problem for her, either!

    But she is sensitive to certain sounds. Fireworks she can deal with... but she can't stand to be in the same room as anyone clipping their nails (she's fine with the Dremel). Or opening up a can of soda. Or swatting flies. Or clapping their hands. Or playing baseball, tennis, badminton... that makes her run away in a flash!

    1. Poor Bowpi! She must have sensitive ears. How is she about singing?

      Nailah appears to interpret each of the things that upset Bowpi as a call to food or chew toy. Nail clipping? Yum! Nails taste good! Can of soda? Yum! Spilled soda is so delicious! Swatted flies are a protein supplement, and clapping hands must signal treat-time. Oh, and anything with a ball or birdie - naturally, those items must be grabbed in hopes of a spirited game of tag!

  2. I rescued Lancelot from a breeder who was going to put him down before Lance ran himself to death. Lance was afraid of EVERYTHING. It took hours to coax him out of his crate that first night. Once he was out of the crate he immediately hid under the bed. And he stayed there. He was two years old at that time. After removing a herniated umbilical cord, he became more sociable. He must have been in pain since he was born.
    He never quit running laps. Once outside he ran his same circle over and over. Sounds were terrifying. We live near a high school and in the early mornings the band practices. When the drums started he would freeze and beeline for the dog door. Even wind caused him to look for a hidey hole.
    But I was thrilled when at the age of 13 he started greeting people at the door. This was a huge improvement. But up until the day he died walks were scary. He would ask for a walk but once we were outside he jumped at everything.

    1. I'm so glad Lance found his way to you. You must have been a patient and loving mom, to continue to help him improve all the way up into his teens. The world must have been a terrifying place to him until you came along. You gave him a real life -- and even eventually taught an old dog a new trick! ;D

  3. Our Besenji-mixx was a rescue pup. We discovered after sev years with her tht she has a fear issue. She will get scared if her feet get stuck between couch pillows to the point Of freezing and not being able to walk. She starts to tremble And does a nose dive due to inability to move. It only last about 3 min. And resolves with a hug and a warm blanket

    1. Hugs and warm blankets are excellent cures for many ills. =)