Monday, September 3, 2012

BRAT's Links and Resources

I would like to remind everyone to review BRAT's Links and Resources page. From the main page, scroll down towards the bottom; on the left side, click on Links and Resources.
There is a wealth of information here. From articles, pictures and information about basenjis to health and food/nutrition information to training and behavior.

I'd especially like to bring attention to the links to certified trainers and behaviorists. Your newly adopted basenji may regress, or your not so recently acquired basenji may develop a new behavior you're not pleased with. The solution may be as simple as a basic training class to build confidence and create a bond with your basenji. Or, it may be more complex, where you need to learn the reason for the behavior and positive techniques to manage the behavior.

It's always best to first rule out a health issue that may be the cause of the behavior. However once determined that it is a training or behavior issue, you can find a professional who you can trust to help you resolve the issue using positive reinforcement techniques. The websites are very user friendly; simply enter your zip code to find the closest trainer/behaviorist to you or scroll down to your state's listings.

If you are not sure how to determine if the issue is health, training or behavior related, you can send a message to  for assistance. BRAT is not just about finding new homes for basenjis in need, but also keeping them in the home they know and love.

Roberta Kosek
Vice President

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