Wednesday, August 15, 2012

The Great Wall of Me

To all of you basenji owners and lovers, I am sure you all can relate to this! No matter how hot it is, my basenjis insist on sleeping under the covers.They will scratch me until I pull them up over all of us! But not only that, it is A BIG DEAL TO GET INTO BED!!! Seamus MUST sleep at my right shoulder, but he must get on the bed FIRST, because Nina won't let him up if she is on the bed already. Nina, must sleep at MY LEFT KNEE! I am like the great wall, and I must stay between them at all times.  If anyone sees anyone or -God forbid- TOUCHES anyone, there is an all out DOG WAR!!!!! And then I have to use the blankets to break them up and try to calm everybody down and go back to sleep (an hour-long ordeal).
Assuming all goes well in the night, I have happy basenjis in the morning and this is my greeting when I get up...So I guess it's worth it :)
~Mandy Hazen


  1. The only thing more fun than one basenji singing in the morning is a chorus of basenjis singing in the morning.

  2. Love it! We watched the video and our Basenji mix started singing with them! She whined when it ended so we had to replay it for her!