Thursday, August 9, 2012

Goodbye, Hello

For weeks, my BRAT Roxy's health was failing fast. I knew that this was likely her last month with us and so I spent extra special time with this precious baby.  I've blogged before about how she came to me in 2008 grossly underweight and heartworm positive, but ended up melting my heart and so I kept her as my first Failed Foster.  That heartworm damage manifested itself in terrible heart disease 13 months ago and we began the process of trying to stabilize her with meds.  The doggie cardiologist informed me in June 2011 that we were talking months, not years.  But true to form, Roxy surprised everyone by living 13 months.  That is who she was--spunky, determined and though her heart was damaged, it was the most loving and giving heart I've ever known.  I cherish every day I've had with her.  It was hard to say Goodbye.

But as happens, in May (two months earlier), I got a call from BRAT asking if I could foster a female who had been found abandoned in St. Bernard Parish (we call it Da' Parish!).  Never a problem.  When I picked her up from her temporary foster, there was no denying it.  She was mine forever from the moment I laid eyes on her. 

Macy has proven to have a sweet personality and at two years old, has been great for my non-BRAT B, Iggy.  They run and play constantly, something he had been missing since Roxy's health declined.  It was not hard to say Hello.  While she will never be a replacement for Roxy, it's good to have a precious, little girl in the house again.
This spoke to my heart when I saw it posted this week.  For those who are grieving like me, I hope it brings you comfort.  For those rejoicing like me, I hope you smile a little more today.

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  1. Having just also gone through the heartache of loss and the joy of bringing a BRaT dog into my home, your story touched me deeply.

    It takes a rare and selfless person to bring an afflicted animal into their home and heart -- to go through great effort, expense and anguish for a creature that likely will not bide long. You are both a marvel and an inspiration.

    I am sorry for your loss. Seeing Roxy's head rest so trusting and lovingly on your shoulder says volumes about the bond you shared. Macy's contented smile is proof that she, too, loves you well; may she also love you long.