Friday, July 20, 2012

Update on Angel and Jaro

It's been several months now since we adopted our two new pups (Angel and Jaro) from rescue; we now have had them since the end of October 2011, and they are doing well.  We are so happy that they are with us!
Angel ready to play
In some cases with rescues progress can be slow, and that seems to be the case with Angel and Jaro so we've had to be very patient with teaching them. We have had issues with housebreaking.  Although Jaro and Angel were almost 2 years old when we got them, I don’t think they were housebroken.  Jaro seems still to have problems with peeing if he has not been out for more than two hours, and once he starts peeing he can’t seem to stop.  We have a mop and other cleaning agents so this hasn’t been a huge problem, and Jaro is a sweetheart and he is trying his best to be a house dog but sometimes he just can’t.  Angel occasionally marks if she gets excited.  But, these two are here as our "forever" dogs so we can handle it after taking care of so many cats and dogs in the past. 

Jaro is a sweetheart, you just want to give him a big hug when you see his face.
As you look at the sweet faces of Angel and Jaro, above, I would encourage all new adopters to please learn to be patient with your newly adopted dogs.  If you do not know their whole history and their adaption to change you may find yourself discouraged early in the game, but hang in there!  Many newly adopted dogs come to you with old behaviors that were learned earlier in life, and some of those behaviors, if not compatible to your life style, may take time to work out.  But, when you do have the patience to see it through with your newly adopted pup, you'll find that the reward is many-fold.  To see a dog that is more confident every day, to see a healthy, happy dog who is sure you love them, and to see their interaction with you and other dogs is a joy.  It may happen only a day at a time, but I can assure you that it WILL happen, and when it does the love you have from that dog will be so much greater than if it hadn't been earned.  The best thing of all is to have a dog that loves you back! 

Our three adopted Basenjis, Angel, Jaro and Sanji
(not pictured is Gumbo, whom we chose as a wee pup)
-Marj Baker

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  1. So beautiful. All of them. And a touching story.