Saturday, July 21, 2012

She’s Touching Me

Dasa is not allowed to lie next to Ivan, but he can touch her if he feels like it.  When we manage to take photos of them together, it is only because Dasa was there first and Ivan decided to plop down beside her. If Ivan is snuggled into a small bed on the couch, the excitement level spikes when Dasa jumps up beside him. Some strategic cajoling restores order.


If Ivan thinks she’s touching him in bed, he issues a very cranky growl. If, as often happens, I’m the one patting the little Ivan lump, I lift the blanket and whisper, “It’s Mommy.” Then he huffs a small, “Oh, well all right then,” and goes back to sleep.

I’m not a morning person, and to my great good fortune, neither are the munchkins. Eric rises early, and Dasa races down the stairs when she hears Eric put bread in the toaster. Eric then tells my innocent child to “Go wake Peggy.” My sweet little girl taps the side of the bed, I lift the blankets without even opening my eyes, and she slides in beside me. If, however, Dasa jumps back into bed after getting her morning toast, and accidentally steps on Ivan, the sleeping Ivan lump jumps up snarling indignantly, my peaceful morning drowsiness is abruptly ended, and I’m trampled by small dogs.

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