Monday, February 6, 2012

New Available BRATs: Penny Lane, Laika, Zola

Name: Penny Lane
Dog state: Michigan
Gender: Female
DOB: 1/10/2002
Color: Red & white
Weight: 22.5

Penny Lane is a beautiful girl with a copper red and white coat. She is super sweet to everyone she meets and loves to go on walks. She gets along very well with her foster brothers. She likes to sleep a lot, but she can be very playful too. She gently wrestles with the younger basenji in her foster home, and rolls around while he cleans her ears every morning.

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Name: Laika
Dog state: Massachusetts
Gender: Female
DOB: 1/13/1999
Color: Brindle
Weight: 24

Laika is a beautiful, dark brindle girl. She has led a quiet life as the companion to an elderly woman who loved her dearly. Laika's owner passed away last summer and has been in the care of the owner's grandson. He can not keep Laika  because he works long hours and poor Laika is left home alone. She would love to be the center of attention again.

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Name: Zola
Dog state: Pennsylvania
Gender: Female
DOB: 12/16/2007
Color: Red and white
Weight: 21

Zola is wonderful girl who will warm your heart with just one look! She loves to be active by going on daily walks and playing with her toys, but she is also content when sitting next to you on the couch. Zola is a huge snuggler! She wants to be touching you all the time and will let you know this by tapping your hand or leg with her paw reminding you that she's there and ready for some attention. Once she warms up to you, there is no going back!

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Many more Basenjis are looking for their forever homes. Please check out the list of available dogs on the main BRAT page!

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