Monday, January 16, 2012

Cleo Goes Home for the Holidays

My last foster, Cleo, has the best happy ending story.

At the beginning of December, an application came in from a family who caught my eye. They didn't have alot of dog experience and had never owned a basenji. On the application they stated a preference for a male basenji, but I decided to contact them anyway to see if they would give Cleo a chance. She's a very easy going, friendly girl.

The dialogue began. I sent some pictures and suggested scheduling the home visit. I explained that it was necessary for me to meet everyone in the family which consisted of Karl (Dad), Sayida (Mom) and Nadia (daughter) who was about to turn 10. I went to their home on a week day after Nadia was home from school. They were planning a sleep-over on the weekend with Nadia's friends to celebrate her birthday.

Sayida and Nadia had read in Cleo's write up that she liked carrots, so they had prepared a little snack for her along with a dish of water. She wasted no time enjoying her snack. Cleo was her basenji self; investigating things, showing what needed to be moved or put away, climbing on the furniture, etc. We chatted about life with basenjis, following Cleo as she moved from room to room. As Cleo explored Nadia's room, Nadia and Sayida sat on the bed. Cleo jumped up to join them, curling up between them as if to say, "I like it here!"

I was satisfied that Cleo would have a good home with this family. We left it that they would think things over; adopting a dog is a huge commitment after all. So I went home with Cleo. Later on, I made the adoption arrangements with Karl. He and Sayida would drive to my house to pick Cleo up and surprise Nadia when she got home from school.

That day was Nadia's birthday. The best EVER because Nadia and Cleo share the same birthday.

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  1. This is a great story! Congrats Nadia & Cleo - sounds like you each found yourself a new best friend.