Monday, November 28, 2011

Timing is Everything

Guppy can’t read or tell time, but he knows how to time the most embarrassing mischief anyway. Over the summer I subscribed to “The Bark” magazine. I noticed they had a feature article on athletes and their dogs and a beautiful brindle Basenji boy caught my eye. He belonged to US Marathoner Fasil Bizuneh.
Being that I am the BRAT Twitter maiden I searched for him on Twitter and “followed” him. I even Tweeted about his Basenji, Ras being a companion for the distance. I got a retweet from it and nearly fell off my chair I was so excited.
Recently Guppy and his sisters and I moved across country from Tampa, FL to Tempe, AZ. Having lived in Arizona for many years before I moved to Florida, it was like coming home again. We quickly found our way to the dog parks and the hiking trails. One day as we were approaching one of our “home” dog parks I noticed a cute little brindle Basenji popping around the park. We entered and my pups took off and I scouted out who belonged to said Basenji. I found my target and started chatting her up. I introduced myself and mentioned my rescue work with BRAT. She said she was babysitting the dog for a friend. I asked where the dog lived when he wasn’t being babysat and she told me. Just about then the light bulb in my head turned on and I realized I was amongst a celebrity! The dog was Ras, Fasil Bizuneh’s Basenji and I just started gushing about the tweet and rewtweet-how exciting! I’m so starstruck! I had forgotten that Ras and Fasil live in Arizona. During a pause in our conversation I stopped to get a visual on my dogs, Norah was fine as usual, but where was Guppy? OH NO! Guppy was humping Ras. Guppy’s not a humper but I guess he was as starstruck as I.
How embarrassing Guppy! Your timing couldn’t have been worse-I just told that babysitter who I was (in regard to BRAT) and now you’re humping her friend’s dog. Good thing Guppy is so cute and so charming (and has such epic timing.)
Photo courtesy of Melissa Dunstan Photos

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