Sunday, November 27, 2011

New Available BRATs: Jojo & Cleopatra

Name: Jojo
State: Texas
DOB: 11/22/2009
Gender: Female
Color: Red and white
Weight: 22

Although Jojo is a young girl herself, she was recently a mom, so she is presently working on getting her girlish figure back. In BRAT foster care, Jojo has quickly captured the hearts of her foster mom and dad. She is very affectionate and friendly to all she meets. She doesn’t grumble when she is relaxing or sleeping, and will even let you pick her up and move her. She is respectful to the foster's furniture and belongings, although she does have those Basenji traits of enjoying paper and standing on her hinds legs to check out if there is anything tasty left on the table or counter that she may enjoy to indulge in for a snack.

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Name: Cleopatra
State: New Hampshire
DOB: 12/2004
Gender: Female
Color: Tricolor
Weight: 26

Cleo is a delightfully sweet, pretty girl. She LOVES her people and wants nothing more than to snuggle or find a warm, comfy spot in the sunshine. She is a Princess dethroned and sooo wants to get her status back. She is respectful of the resident dogs in her foster home, but would prefer to be the only shining star. Unlike the typical basenji, Cleo is friendly and outgoing towards people; even those she doesn't know.

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