Monday, August 29, 2011

Transporting Banjo

Check out this great blog entry from BRAT volunteer Wendy Hodges.  She spent 8 hours this weekend picking up a basenji boy named Banjo and getting him to a foster home in Dallas, TX, where he will be evaluated and vetted and then posted up on the BRAT website for adoption. 

Banjo is an AWESOME, well-behaved, and expressive little basenji boy, who will be ready to find his forever home very soon!  Many, many thanks to both Wendy Hodges and our district coordinator Rick Reinhold for making this happen for Banjo.  With just a few hours of driving, they have saved a dog's life and put him on the path to finding a happy and loving home. 

If you think you would have a few hours to transport or perhaps a space in your home for a few weeks to help a basenji find a better life, VOLUNTEER!  You'll feel great when you help out, and you'll make all the difference in the life of a dog. Thanks, Wendy!!

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  1. Great Blog! Thanks for sharing!