Monday, July 18, 2011

Volunteer with BRAT

...and consider becoming a foster home.

We never know what to expect from day to day. Some days we might not a get a single request to re-home a basenji. Every once in awhile, a bomb drops and we learn of a home with multiple basenjis they can no longer keep.

There were the Wimauma dogs. This year, in May, BRAT received word on a Monday about 16 basenjis brought to a shelter. They would turn the dogs over to us, but we needed to get them by Saturday. Sixteen basenjis; 5 of them were puppies. There was lots of scrambling for foster homes being done, but they all were placed in foster homes from CT to SC.

Meanwhile, more requests were coming in; a stray was found in VA, another in PA, not to mention the numbers that come in in TX!

What happens when all the foster homes are full? Does that ever happen? We've come pretty close at times. Due to the economy, we are getting more dogs in and fewer applicants. People are losing jobs and homes and have to relinquish their pets.

If you have adopted from BRAT, simply complete the volunteer form and you're a heartbeat away from becoming an AFH "approved foster home." If you haven't adopted from BRAT, all you need to do is submit an adoption application state for FOSTERING PURPOSES on it, complete the volunteer form and the local coordinator will contact you.

We are always in need of foster homes. How sad would it be if we had to turn basenjis away because there weren't any foster homes available.

Please consider becoming a foster home for BRAT.

If you already do foster for BRAT, a HUGE, heartfelt THANK YOU! from the BRAT family.

Roberta Kosek
Vice President

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