Friday, July 22, 2011

Too Much is Never Enough

When it comes to snuggling, Denny Basenji is a champion. He is never fully happy unless a minimum of 30% of his body is touching you.

The first few moments of his snuggle are adorable, as he pushes his way into your arms and lap and nestles up to you. After a few minutes (okay, more like 20 minutes), you feel the need for a glass of water, to the urge to use the bathroom. That's when your problems begin.

Denny will fight to keep you pinned down and snuggling him, grrrrring like a grumpy old man when you finally dislodge him. When you return to the couch or chair or bed, carrying your book and a cold drink, you think that he will be content to snuggle next to you, and that you can get on with that next chapter.

You are WRONG.

Noses get stuck into drinks, paws push books out of the way. When Denny Basenji wants his snuggling, no power on earth can stop him.

You attempt to reach a compromise - with him snuggled up by your side, and one hand petting him while the other struggles to hold up your book. He lets you think you have achieved a diplomatic solution for about three minutes. Then, it's back to crawling into your lap, pushing all else out of the way and emanating such cuteness that you can't help but snuggle him.

He will snuggle you to the edge of the bed, the corner of the couch, the edge of your seat. There is just no stopping the 'senji snuggle machine.

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  1. Denny obviously deemed himself a lap dog and he holds the title and takes it seriously.